In this category, you can find the essential dog clothes collection divided into the following seasons:

  • Winter (warm jumpsuits that will protect your pet from both moderate and severe cold);
  • Spring (light jumpsuits, hoodies, and sweaters made from different materials and perfect for sunny weather);
  • Fall (semi season clothes with a greater emphasis on rain and sleet protection, as well as raincoats for lousy weather);
  • Summer (Crafted from natural fabrics tops, t-shirts, tank tops, trunks, and shirts that will protect your pet from the heat and direct sunlight.

Features of essential clothes for dogs

Not all dogs’ breeds need clothes. Long hair can be enough to protect your pet and provide enough thermoregulation when it is hot or cold outside. Nevertheless, some breeds cannot go out for a walk without clothes. These are small dog breeds or the ones with short hair. Here are the features of clothes for them:

  • clothes fulfill practical function first, and then follow the fashion and decorate;
  • it has minimum decorative elements since your pet shouldn’t be confused, torn buttons, cling to external objects;
  • has simple fasteners, so it is easy to put on and off;
  • protected stitches inside, there should be no pressure on the skin;
  • made of hypoallergenic breathing fabric that should allow healthy thermoregulation and be body-conscious.

Functions of daily dogs’ clothes

Clothes for dogs solve many domestic issues and saves owners’ time connected with care for a pet and home cleaning:

  • allows for walking longer in nasty weather conditions (snow, rain, wind, cold, heat);
  • fulfill hygienic functions (hair and paws are not getting dirty during the walk);
  • solves traveling issues (your pet doesn’t soil your car cabin);
  • when you get back home after a visit of a hairdresser or vet the dog is easier to clean;
  • you can keep home clean;
  • you are taking care of your pet’s health.

Curiously, the clothes for rescue dogs who work in extreme conditions like mountains or conditions of the far north recently became mandatory. It is protecting these four-legged from injuries and frostbite.

Lapdogs rarely walk without clothes. They are overly sensitive to cold, are suffering from the heat, and they need to avoid the rain. At the same time, dressed from head to tail, pets can enjoy the fresh air and full body-activity.

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