Clothes for cats

  • Sweater BRUCE
    Sweater BRUCE

    Your cat or kitty will be a real space hero in this outfit. Warm jersey pleasant to the body, well heated, so the kitty will be comfortable as at home in cold weather, and during walks. 

    208 грн
  • Sweater BRUCE
    Sweater BRUCE

    Your kitten will be delighted with such comfortable clothes. The knitted fabric the model is made of is fluffy and warm. It is convenient to wear the sweater thanks to the hinges that secure it to the hind legs and prevent it from slipping. The back of the model is decorated with a shiny decorative print. Without clasp.

    149 грн

Brief description of the category. The main goal is Google indexing.Brief description of the category. 

People started to dress up pets long before the last decade. Yet, when it became fashionable, it stopped surprising anyone. Fashion comes back and usually has more ancient roots as it seems to be. It applies to pet fashion too.

A long time ago, for aristocracy and royalty, it was customary to dress pets. In England, this etiquette was extended to dogs, and it was obscene to go out undressed. Cats in ancient Egypt were embellished with modern pony-like garments. Cats were sacred animals and had a mystic sense.

Today more and more parents dress up their pets. Our four-legged friends got their own fashion shows with cats and dogs as models. Collections are designed using special knowledge in veterinary and study of dogs to consider the physiology and behavior aspects.

Clothes for cats: owners’ questions

In this category, you can find clothes for cats Pet Fashion. With dogs, everything seems clear: they necessarily walk on the street each day, and clothes protect them from cold, rain, wind, and sun. Cats are usually homesitters, excluding some breeds that walk outside on a leash. So, a lot of questions arise:

  • Why do they need clothes?
  • Do they need clothes generally?
  • When are clothes needed?
  • What breeds need clothes?
  • How not to be overzealous with cats’ clothes?
  • How to choose cats’ clothes, right?

Most cats do not have a physiological necessity in clothes, especially when a cat doesn’t go out from home, and there is a normal temperature in the apartment. Nevertheless, there are some more specific situations. For example, the family lives in a private house or cottage where cats are walking outside. During summer, a suit can protect a cat from dirt and insects, you do not need to bathe him often, and he, on the other hand, does not bring dirt to your home.

Cats’ lifestyle is different. They walk only in the yard in a fenced area, not going out from it. Others are going alone; thus, they come back home into the city apartment, and their hygiene remains a big challenge. Clothes for cats can partially solve this issue. For instance, a Siberian cat does not need to be protected from cold since this breed's name speaks of itself; they are not afraid of the Siberian cold. But in case of hygiene, it is good to protect its hair from weeds and insects during camping, when you are in the countryside and if your cat is a home sitter and only sometimes is going outside, the cat clothes are the right choice.

Dress and warm-up cat

Cat owners must understand when clothes are necessary and when they are not needed. When you choose a suit for a cat, it should fit perfectly by size. Clothes shouldn’t be too tight; in order not to squeeze the cat’s hair and skin, it shouldn’t constrain its moves. At the same time, if the suit is too wide cat may fall outside of it or even get caught up in it that can be dangerous. Cats are still more flexible and moveable than dogs. Unlike dogs, they climb fences and trees, hook up, and stay for a long time until someone helps them get out.

Also, the cat’s affection for a definite climatic area plays a lot. After moving, it will need a lot of time for adaptation. If it is cold at home or an apartment, a cat will search for shelter to warm-up. Cat houses and blankets do not always help. On the radiator where a cat spends a lot of time, it can be too hot. That is why a pet's will to nest near its parent can be explained not only by extreme emotional affection but also by the search for warmth. It is easier to dress up your pet in these cases rather than suffer from excessive attention and be distracted from important matters.

Photo shootings for cats

The primary purpose of clothes for cats is photo shootings. Here the designers’ and owners’ creativity are not limited. You can design a hat that will be on the head only during one photoshoot, various skirts, dresses, carnival suits, pumps, bows, hairpins, and others are used to create a family look image, for instance. Also, such clothes are not for everyday wear, but on a photo, it impresses. Such clothes and accessories are needed for cats breeding. A creative outlook will attract more attention to a lovely kitten and will single it out from hundreds of similar fellows.

Sphinx and their clothes

People have always assumed that clothes are mandatory for bald cat breed Sphynx. Some think that their homeland is a hot Egypt, but it is not true. They were bred not long ago in the 20th century, moreover in temperate latitudes. When you dress up a bold cat, you need to remember about their specific physiological characteristics. These cats have super-fast metabolism and high body temperature (39 degrees), so you need to watch their behavior to understand when they are cold and when they are not.

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