Beds and houses

In this category, you will find beds and houses for cats and dogs. It is a beautiful and useful interior piece that is aimed to provide your pet comfort and you as a parent to safeguard your private area from your four-legged friends. You just need to convince your pet to settle into the house designed for them and not into another place.

Beds for dogs: how to choose?

It would be best if you chose beds for dogs considering your pet’s size, so it will be able to get settled in its new nest. Also, the character and habits of your dog are playing a lot. Some love to lie all its length during sleep or rest. In this case, you need a bed of rectangular shape, not limited with sides or in the form of a sofa. If the dog prefers to curl up in a ball during sleep, the bed of rounded or oval shape with a distinct side will be the right choice.

Should I choose a bed or house?

When you decide to get a pet, one of the questions you have is what to choose for its shelter, the place for sleep and rest. Beds for cats and houses are equivalent. They play the same role: a pet's personal area and its separation from the human territory. Here the character of your pet plays a lot. Cats, like humans, can be introverts and extroverts. One loves to be in the center of attention. It is a pleasure for them to lay on someone’s hand, playing with their parents and their guests, including people they see for the first time. These will definitely fall in love with a bed that will help to be more open, freely enter and exit from their territory, and not miss anything happening at home.

Cats introverts have different habits. They love to hide from prying eyes. Sometimes, they sit in some secret corner of your house all day long, hiding from strangers. For these pets, houses for cats will be a perfect choice. There they will feel more secure, and they more likely notice and accept purchased, especially for them, furniture pieces. They will not hide in inaccessible places where even owners are not able to find them.

Cats by their size are not much different from each other. Even giant breeds, like jungle cats, are not too big. With dogs, the situation is much more diverse. A dog can be as small as a porpoise, or as big as a pony. So, it would help if you chose houses for dogs accordingly. Here the size of your home, furniture, and planning features play a lot. Not every apartment can fit a house, so you ought to choose a bed.

Houses and beds for cats and dogs: how to accustom the pet to them?

So, you bought a bed or a house for your four-legged friend, and most likely interested in how to motivate your pet to reside in its new place and not on an armchair, sofa, or master bed. With small kittens or pups, it’s much easier since they don’t have gained habits. Yet, if you have an adult cat or dog, you need to use various tricks and be patient. What will help your pet to like house or bed:

  • Does it fit the size? Isn’t it too small or too big?
  • Is it cozy enough?
  • Is it made of delightful natural fabrics with soft upholstery?
  • Isn’t it electric?
  • Is it easy to keep it neat and tidy?
  • Is it steady enough? Will it turn upside down when your pet jumps? (it can scare off the pet).

If the pet has not been able to appreciate its shelter, here are special tricks you can use:

  • valerian or catnip for cats;
  • various delicious baits;
  • different rewards;
  • games near their house;
  • putting it at the favorite place of your pet.

Own place for a pet becomes even more critical if it is not alone in the home. For example, you have two cats or dogs, or there are a cat and a dog. In this case, a pet will feel more protected from everything, including its fellows. The most important thing is not to disturb it in its house. Since, in this case, your pet develops a habit to hide precisely in its shelter and not to choose other inappropriate places for it.

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