• Cup SUMMER
    M XS S

    Cap with a denim visor made of light cotton fabric. Bright color allows you to wear it with any outfit.

  • New year`s cap
    S M XS

    This New Year’s cap will turn your pet into Santa Claus. The bright and high-quality that fits perfectly with the soft rubber band and loops for ears.

  • Accessory HORNS
    S XS

    Cute velvet horns will make your pet a real star of the New Year’s party. The horns are fixed on a soft fabrics and held on the head with a rubber band that is secured with a retainer.

    S M XS

    Exclusive design, the best materials, ergonomic parameters — everything for your pet comfort. The hat surely allows to face the cold and does not restrict pet movements. Perforation for ears and the cord with clamp ensure good fit on a head.

  • Set of bows (6 pieces in set)

    Bright and functional accessories made of colored satin ribbon, rhinestone and beads Possible to choose the color matching to pets or owners clothes 6 pieces in set

  • Accessories BOW-TIE
    S XS

    The atlas bow-tie will be a wonderful addition to the pet’s presentable look. Convenient, reliable fastener.

Unique accessories for pets from Pet Fashion is a perfect enhancement of your pet style

How magnificently colorful summer shirts and fancy dresses look on our four-legged friends! But sometimes you might feel that something is missing. A small feature. But, it seems to be everything at its place. But not right yet. And we found out what to do with it! As it looks to us that a beautiful outfit can be completed with precise and cozy accessory. What do you think?

So, we are here to present you accessories for pets Pet Fashion. Only the most colorful and hot ones you can find!

We decided to add some colors to New Year celebrations. That is why we would like to offer you a Santa Claus hat and antlers from his fairy tale harness. Both hat and antlers will perfectly fit your pet's head thanks to convenient fasteners. They will not disturb your pet and will stick perfectly. Thanks to high-quality fabrics, they won't cause your pet's irritation and will make your baby a real star of a New Year or Christmas party.

As for the wintertime, we thought about it too! Here is our warm ear hat! It is a fantastic lovely addition that will warm up the ears of your baby in cold weather. It is designed in eight colors, and you can choose the one you like. The hat reliably protects from cold and doesn't limit your pet's moves. It is comfortable and sticks your pet head because of holes for ears and lace with a clamp.

Next, we have the real gentlemen accessory, a black bow tie. It was crafted from satin that allows it to shine under a bright light. This tie will be the perfect addition to the outfit of your beloved. Also, because of the robust fastener, it will hang on correctly and won't drop.

Furthermore, we have not forgotten about the summertime. Just look at this gorgeous bows set (six pieces) for the small fashionista and this hot cap with denim peak for boys, yet, it will be excellent for girls too! Bows are designed from colorful satin ribbon, rhinestones, and beads, and will become a pure extra to the outfit. The cap is crafted from light cotton fabric so that it will significantly serve you and your pet.

Our team hopes that you find something you like. Have fantastic shopping!

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