Carrying bag

  • Carrying bag «Vesta» Carrying bag «Vesta»
    Carrying bag VESTA

    The carry bag has windows in which a pet can watch while traveling. The soft bottom and walls make the trip comfortable. The owner can carry the bag in hand or on the shoulder — there are comfortable handles and a long strap with a soft pad.

    962 грн
  • Carrying-bag  «Silva» Carrying-bag  «Silva»
    Carrying-bag SILVA

    Practical bag made of waterproof fabric has a lining made of artificial suede, so even in a frost your pet will be comfortable inside. Soft pens can be fixed with a Velcro buckle.

    908 грн
  • Carrying-bag «Remy»
    Carrying-bag REMY

    Created with care for the comfort of the owner and pet! Advantages of the model: the ideal form, removable «roof», a window with a grid, long soft pens, a pocket for trifles.

    1 259 грн

Comfortable and stylish carriers for pets from Pet Fashion

Sometimes we are going on vacation, traveling abroad, deciding to spend time on a riverbank, or visiting friends and taking our little friends with us. But it is always hard to choose how to travel with them. You cannot hold them in your hands all the time if you are driving a car, for example. Your pet can stain a car cabin or be too persistent during the trip. That's why we would like to offer you spicy carriers for pets Pet Fashion. You can transfer even a rabbit or porpoise with them, but it is better to buy a plastic carrier for them. We designed different types of carriers, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

After opening the page of a definite carrier, you can find all its characteristics, learn more about the materials it was made of and choose the most comfortable for you and your pet.

We tried to make sure that all our carriers are comfortable enough for traveling and use. They all have convenient lids and mini doors, and some can be fully taken apart quickly. You can find its size on the carrier's page to make sure it will fit your pet size, and your beloved will feel comfortable inside.

Each carrier has a thick but soft bottom, so your pet will be convenient. You can also put a diaper on the floor, so if your pet decides to pee inside, you will not need to clean the whole bag. Still, our carriers are easy to wash. They are easy to launder and dry fast.

All our pet carriers have thick and high-quality handlers that can withstand your pet's weight and will serve you for a long time. All models are decorated; some have thematic embroidery; some have various modern designs.

Our team worked a lot to create carriers' collection, and we are hoping to get positive feedback from you. In case you have ideas and suggestions, contact us. Have a great shopping and fantastic journeys!

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