Сlothes for dogs

  • Vest «Charlie» Vest «Charlie»
    Vest CHARLIE
    M XS2 S XS

    Original attractive design! The best clothes for four-legged fashionistas. The back and the hood are made of a thick raincoat fabric, and the part that covers the breast is made of a soft suit fabric. There is a hole for the leash in the base of the hood.

    363 грн
  • Vest MIX
    Vest MIX
    XS2 XS

    A bright, stylish vest will warm your pet in the severe autumn weather and winter frosts. Double-sided model — it can be worn on a multicolored or plain side out. The convenient button clasp makes the process of dressing a pet simple and fast. A high collar covers the neck and the part of the head.

    366 грн
  • Suit «Judy» Suit «Judy»
    Suit JUDY
    L M S S2 XS2 XS XXS

    Warm and comfortable clothes for winter walks. The raincoat fabric is water-proof and the inside part made of lined fur is soft and warm. The hood is decorated with faux fur and little ears, there is a hole for leash in the base of the hood. There is reflective print “mittens” on the back of the jacket.

    669 грн
  • Overall «Citrus» Overall «Citrus»
    Overall CITRUS
    M XS2 S XS

    In such clothes a pet will feel warm and comfortable in winter. The overall is made of raincoat fabric, it is warm because of silicone and fluffy knitted lining. At the waist level elastics are inserted for a better fit to the body. Unique cut.

    539 грн
  • Vest MARS Vest MARS
    Vest MARS
    L XS2 S XS

    Stylish vest will warm your pet in autumn weather and winter frosts.

    345 грн
  • Overall ROCKET Overall ROCKET
    Overall ROCKET

    Practical lightweight overall has a comfortable zipper on the back. Inside and outside the buckle is covered with strips - so that the wool does not get between zipper, and water does not seep into it.

    668 грн
  • Jaket SIRIUS Jaket SIRIUS
    Jaket SIRIUS
    M XS2 S XS

    This stylish model will be actual for everyday walking or for a special occasion

    430 грн
  • Overall COLD Overall COLD
    Overall COLD
    L M S S2 XS M2 SM XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL ML

    Overall is designed for walks in frosty weather. Strong fabric does not get wet and perfectly protects your pet from rain, snow and frosty wind.

    439 грн
    Suit DRAGON

    A warm water-repellent winter outfit - must be in your pet's wardrobe. Model-transformer can be worn as a suit in  frost, in spring it will turn into a jacket with a hood - pants combined with a zipper jacket and easy to remove.

    661 грн
  • Vest FLEECY
    Vest FLEECY
    M XS2

    Universal model that is suitable for walks in cool autumn weather and even in a small frost. The secret of the model in WINDBLOCK technology, which is used in tourist clothing.

    481 грн
    L S M XS

    For the pets, it is very important to be maximally visible in the condition of limited light.  Bright yellow color of the YELLOW VEST makes walking safe. 

    475 грн
  • Raincoat RAIN Raincoat RAIN
    Raincoat RAIN
    L M S S2 XS M2 SM XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL ML

    We know how important it is to stay dry while walking on a rainy day. With RAIN raincoat, walking in any weather will become comfortable.

    478 грн

The best clothes for dogs from Pet Fashion

They are our best friends. They will never betray; they will always be alongside since we are for them their whole life! They will take us out for a walk in the early morning or late evening. They will wake us up and inform you with barking if some decide to enter your home at night. Our team and we are in love with these active animals! That is why we have created unique clothes for dogs Pet Fashion.

We foresee everything! From light sports suits to warm winter clothes, to make our four-legged friends feel comfortable in any weather. We also designed fancy clothes that can be put on for a walk or a visit to a friend. We crafted everything from charming dresses to colorful shirts, from soft jumpsuits to light hoodies. Here you can find everything you might need!

Our collection is continuously growing, and we watch fashion changes, so our collections are always in trend. Although, in a “PDF Catalog” section, you can always check our latest catalogs with pets’ clothes and print them for comfortable reading. Our catalogs are continuously updated since we have more and more new products, so keep an eye on our novelties to not miss anything!

Furthermore, the Pet Fashion brand has created two different collections of clothes for dogs. These are PET FASHION ACTIVE and PET FASHION TRENDS. These are amazingly cool sets of clothes for dogs made by our professionals and designers. We considered everything, including convenience, comfort, protection, and beauty. If you decide to choose pet clothes on our website, you are never mistaken!

PET FASHION ACTIVE collection is specially designed for the most active four-legged. The use of durable fabrics allowed us to make clothes water and dirt-proof and glow at night since we added light-reflective elements to our dog suits for the enhanced security of your beloved. So, wearing our products from this collection, your pet will safely walk in any weather without any harm to its health.

PET FASHION TRENDS collection is the collection for trendsetters! You do not even know that dogs understand everything, do you? We think that they will recognize if you put some kind of rags on them. That is why our designers have created a unique collection of clothes for dogs, so your four-legged friends will feel themselves for a million!

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