They enjoy freedom - fresh wind, active games and fast running. However, they always come back because they love you more than anything does. Take care, that the cranky weather do not affect to activity of the pet.

The PET FASHION ACTIVE collection - for energetic dogs who walk in the cold winter and in the rainy off-season. At its creation, modern durable fabrics and usable colors were used. Products from them do not get wet, have dirt-repellent properties, equipped with reflective details, so the pet is visible in the dark. They are easy to wash and dry quickly. The models take into account the anatomy of the dog on the running; the sizes are adjusted according to the individual parameters of the pet.


Collection of comfortable and high-quality clothes for dogs Active

What can be better than getting up early with an excellent mood and having a cup of coffee before jogging with your dog in the park? But suddenly the weather turned ugly, clouds blanket the sky, and it starts raining. It is frustrating, isn't it? Of course, you may run in this weather, but you cannot take your pet with you, it might catch a cold. Sounds sad?

Our team understands how this frustration hurts at the very beginning of your day. So, we would like to present our dog clothes collection Active which is aimed to help you.

In this collection of dogs’ sports clothes, we tried to satisfy all inquiries we got from disappointed owners. Some cannot go for an evening walk because of the wind. Others during the day because of snow. And some in the morning because it rains. That is why we put together all crucial desires, and our professional team designed clothes for you and your child!

The use of high-quality materials and fabrics helped our dog clothes to become waterproof, dirt- and wind-resistant. While wearing it, your pet will never catch a cold, and you don’t need to worry about snow or rain. We are grateful to our designers, who made our clothes versatile, pretty, and fashionable. Our team is not only flattering after a fashion but also is trying not to miss out on new trends.

The reflective trims we added are the perfect solution for nightwalkers, so you can peacefully spend time with your pet even after the sunset.

Besides clothes, for this collection, we developed pet beds. They will perfectly fit either your home or for camping or picnic. For example, if you love to spend time in the countryside, or a summer cottage or just going camping or picnicking in the park, the bed will be an ideal place for your pet’s rest.

Each pet bed is available in several sizes so that you can choose the one that suits you and your dog’s size and breed. Every bed has its own features: the ones transform, others are water- and dust-proof, another is hypo-allergenic. You just need to determine the bed's function, and it’ll be easy to find the one that fits perfectly. All information about materials it is made of, features, required care, and much more you can see after clicking on the chosen bed.

We hope you will be able to find what you need on our website! Enjoy your shopping!

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