• Tank top with text print Tank top with text print
    Tank top with text print
    XS XS2 S M

    We know how to emphasize the personality of your pet. Therefore, we created a collection of stylish tank tops with inscriptions to dogs with character. A universal cut, high-quality materials and interesting text prints will not leave any fashionista indifferent.

    214 грн
  • Hoodies with іnscriptions Hoodies with іnscriptions
    Hoodies with іnscriptions
    XS XS2 S M

    Every pet is an individual. It is our aim to help them express their individuality. That’s why we created stylish inscriptions sweatshirts and hoodies. Comfortable and practical unisex sweatshirt is one of a wardrobe essentials every 4 pawed friend need.

    401 грн
  • Raincoat COSMOS Raincoat COSMOS
    Overall COSMOS
    S2 SM M M2

    Minimalistic design, maximum originality and practicality, and most importantly — your pet’s comfort! These are the principles that guided our designers to create this stylish raincoat.

    521 грн
  • Raincoat COSMOS Raincoat COSMOS
    Overall COSMOS

    Minimalistic design, maximum originality and practicality, and most importantly — your pet’s comfort! These are the principles that guided our designers to create this stylish overall.

    475 грн
    Vest ORBITA
    S2 SM

    Denim has always been trendy. Every year Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and other leading fashion houses offer denim collections. You probably have more than one denim item in your wardrobe, so your pet will also love this outfit.

    491 грн
  • Suit-dress SPACE Suit-dress SPACE
    Suit-dress SPACE
    XXS XS XS2 S M

    Top outfit for stylish four-legged “girls”! Wearing it your favorite pet will be a real “star” on the walk.

    482 грн
  • Overall JUPITER Overall JUPITER
    Overall JUPITER
    XXS XS2 S

    Wearing such stylish overalls, your pet is sure to enchant the Universe! These elegant and comfortable overalls with a striped cowl-neck collar look attractive and original. Your pet will feel great even on a cold day.

    330 грн
  • Hoodie CAPSULE Hoodie CAPSULE
    Hoodie CAPSULE

    Playful, sparkly and original! This warm and comfortable outfit is ideal for spring walks. It is bright, attractive and at the same time comfortable and warm.

    491 грн
  • Suit PUNCH Suit PUNCH
    Suit PUNCH
    XXS XS XS2 S M

    The main feature of this casual suit is the selection of fabrics and colours. Both corduroy jersey and light acrylic jersey are warm, blendharmoniously and give the product an original look.

    428 грн
  • Jacket SHUTTLE Jacket SHUTTLE
    Jacket SHUTTLE
    XS XS2 S M

    The house of Chanel seems to have contributed to the design of this product: a durable fabric like that for making classic men’s suits, and soft lines that give the product a touch of elegance and refinement.

    422 грн
  • Overall «Christy» Overall «Christy»
    Overall CHRISTY
    XXS XS XS2 M

    The soft and warm overall is very comfortable and will warm your pet perfectly on a cool day. The model is decorated with magnificent wrap and a patch made of natural leather on the back. Overall is designed for «girls» — the tummy is closed. The high standing collar is well stretched, so the model is comfortable to get on and off

    396 грн
  • Suit «Mickey» Suit «Mickey»
    Suit MICKEY

    The cute suit is perfect for walks in the cold weather. The thick fabric is warm and the cuffs on the paws help to keep the heat better. The suit is decorated with decorative belt, and on the hood — with ears. Button clasp.

    481 грн

The fashion industry for pets in terms of variety and creativity is close to people's high fashion. Sometimes these outfits are copying the owner’s clothes, or at least are shaped in the same style following the concept or color scheme.

Clothes for cats and dogs Trends – primary features

Unlike essential collection, clothes for dogs and cats Trends has entirely other functions. Trends collection is something like a prom or wedding dress which is put on for a special occasion. It is beautiful and not really comfortable; it is not everyday wear. Like the Christmas suit of Santa Claus or Missis Claus, it is not worn daily. This collection is more likely a party outfit of various fairy-tale heroes or Halloween costumes, or any other similar ones.

Owners of dogs and cats often attend different events together with their pets and numerous pets gathering events. These are:

  • Beauty competitions
  • Fairs
  • Art sales
  • Cats’ and dogs’ birthdays
  • And even their weddings.

Trends series: the difference between clothes for photo shootings, events, and everyday wear

A separate category is photo shootings, where something like a family look is created; household pets are equally included in the picture. Such photo shootings can be separately organized for a pet or its family. For example, a cat and its purebred kittens. A dog with puppies and their “daddy.” Such heartwarming photos will not only complement family albums, but also will be great for advertising purposes - to find new owners for the breed, and in the best way to represent their beauty and stature.

Party theme clothes are different from the basic one. It has a more elegant and creative design. Yet, it should meet minimal criteria: it should be comfortable and fit the size. Decorative elements shouldn’t interfere during movement. Fasteners, zippers, and buttons should be ergonomic enough so that clothes should be easily put on without hair being plucked. Of course, trendy peacock clothes are not designed for everyday wear, but your pet should be comfortable enough to endure at least during the event.

Clothes and accessories for photo shootings can be more precise. Our collection includes various hats, hairpins, head, and tail jewelry. The stunning picture is the primary goal!

Clothes from Trends collection can not only be functional, as everyday wear, but also can be in different colors, made of various materials and has a distinctive style: sport, glamour, casual, rock, gothic, and others.

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