• Vest «Charlie» Vest «Charlie»
    Vest CHARLIE
    XS XS2 S M

    Original attractive design! The best clothes for four-legged fashionistas. The back and the hood are made of a thick raincoat fabric, and the part that covers the breast is made of a soft suit fabric. There is a hole for the leash in the base of the hood.

    427 грн
  • Suit «Lola» Suit «Lola»
    Suit LOLA
    XS XS2 M

    Perfect model for winter walks. A warm, cozy pink suit will be great clothes for four-legged «girls». The raincoat fabric will protect from moisture and the warm fluffy lining — from cold. The hood is decorated with faux fur and a pompom.

    641 грн
  • Suit «Judy» Suit «Judy»
    Suit JUDY
    XXS XS XS2 S S2 M L

    Warm and comfortable clothes for winter walks. The raincoat fabric is water-proof and the inside part made of lined fur is soft and warm. The hood is decorated with faux fur and little ears, there is a hole for leash in the base of the hood. There is reflective print “mittens” on the back of the jacket.

    669 грн
  • Overall «Citrus» Overall «Citrus»
    Overall CITRUS
    XS S M

    In such clothes a pet will feel warm and comfortable in winter. The overall is made of raincoat fabric, it is warm because of silicone and fluffy knitted lining. At the waist level elastics are inserted for a better fit to the body. Unique cut.

    539 грн
  • Overall COLD Overall COLD
    Overall COLD
    такса XS такса S такса S2 такса M XS S SM M M2 ML L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL

    Overall is designed for walks in frosty weather. Strong fabric does not get wet and perfectly protects your pet from rain, snow and frosty wind.

    617 грн
    XS S M L

    828 грн
  • Vest MARS Vest MARS
    Vest MARS
    XS XS2 S

    Stylish vest will warm your pet in autumn weather and winter frosts.

    388 грн
  • Jaket SIRIUS Jaket SIRIUS
    Jaket SIRIUS
    XS2 S M

    This stylish model will be actual for everyday walking or for a special occasion

    545 грн
  • Vest MIX
    Vest MIX
    XS XS2

    A bright, stylish vest will warm your pet in the severe autumn weather and winter frosts. Double-sided model — it can be worn on a multicolored or plain side out. The convenient button clasp makes the process of dressing a pet simple and fast. A high collar covers the neck and the part of the head.

    366 грн

Domestic pets dressed into nice overcoats are not surprising anyone for a long time. At the same time, views vary if it is a fashion fad or necessity.

When are winter clothes for dogs needed?

Do you need winter clothes for dogs? What should be the temperature? What are the breeds in need? It can be simply defined by answering the following questions:

  • What is the climate area?
  • What is the geographic origin of this breed?
  • What is the length and density of hair?
  • Are paws short or long?
  • Is your pet active or not?
  • What about health and age?

A dog of a particular breed may find itself in an unusual climate area and experience discomfort from a cold. According to vets and dog handlers, it is preferable to harden your pet and use clothes in winter only if needed and avoid overheating and the greenhouse effect.

Dachshunds and gundogs, long-haired breeds: winter clothes features

The same dog, for example, a gundog in some situations doesn’t need clothes. For instance, when it is fulfilling its obligations during hunting. It runs a lot, and the clothes, in this case, will constrain movements, and there is no need to warm your pet up. Yet, if the same dog peacefully walks in the park, it does not have enough activity, so that it needs clothes.

Additionally, the dachshund has short legs, and during winter walk, it needs protection from cold and dirt. Clothes should not be baggy to not interfere with walking and not touch the ground.

Pets with thick and long hair, you should dress up into a light windbreaker with good thermoregulation. The primary function of it is to keep the hair dry. Otherwise, the dog will have to dry out for several hours, especially when the bathe is needed after a walk on dirt and sleet.

Senior and weakened pets and pups feeding dogs have suppressed immune systems, so they need cold protection. In separate cases, it’s enough to put a warm sweater on your baby in winter, yet it shouldn’t be made from synthetic materials to avoid stirring up and has adequate ventilation.

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