• Overall DACHSHUND

    The model is created specifically for dachshunds. Juicy color, miniature print in the form of a dachshund give a chance to regulate the width and better the overall fit.

  • Overall PATRICK

    Universal cut of clothes for dachshunds. The overall is made of thick raincoat fabric, which doesn’t get wet. The collar fits tight around the neck thanks to the elastic. The zipper on the back is covered from the inside with the strap so that the wool does not fall between the teeth.

  • Overall YUKKI
    M S2 XS S XS2

    The thick raincoat fabric the overall is made of is moisture-proof and the plush lining makes it light and very warm. The collar is decorated with fluffy faux fur, and the zipper on the back is complemented by a reflective ribbon.

  • Overall CITRUS
    L M S S2 XS2 XS M2

    In such clothes a pet will feel warm and comfortable in winter. The overall is made of raincoat fabric, it is warm because of silicone and fluffy knitted lining. At the waist level elastics are inserted for a better fit to the body. Unique cut.

  • Suit JUDY
    L M S S2 XS2 XS XXS

    Warm and comfortable clothes for winter walks. The raincoat fabric is water-proof and the inside part made of lined fur is soft and warm. The hood is decorated with faux fur and little ears, there is a hole for leash in the base of the hood. There is reflective print “mittens” on the back of the jacket.

  • Suit BARNEY
    M S XS2 XS XXS

    Suit transformer: the hood and trousers are attached to the jacket with a zipper, which means that the jacket can be worn separately. The model is made of a raincoat fabric that does not get wet, the insulation is qualitative silicone. On the back the suit is decorated with a shiny thermo sticker.

  • Suit LOLA
    M XS2 S XS

    Perfect model for winter walks. A warm, cozy pink suit will be great clothes for four-legged «girls». The raincoat fabric will protect from moisture and the warm fluffy lining — from cold. The hood is decorated with faux fur and a pompom.

  • Vest ROSIE
    M XS2 S XS

    A gorgeous model for four-legged fashionistas. The vest is warm, completely covers the tummy. Gentle color, comfortable cut, qualitative insulation, decorative bow — all this makes the model a must have in the wardrobe of your favorite. Clasp buttons are on the back.

  • Vest CHARLIE
    M XS2 S XS

    Original attractive design! The best clothes for four-legged fashionistas. The back and the hood are made of a thick raincoat fabric, and the part that covers the breast is made of a soft suit fabric. There is a hole for the leash in the base of the hood.

  • Vest MIX
    L M S S2 XS2 XS XXS M2

    A bright, stylish vest will warm your pet in the severe autumn weather and winter frosts. Double-sided model — it can be worn on a multicolored or plain side out. The convenient button clasp makes the process of dressing a pet simple and fast. A high collar covers the neck and the part of the head.