Overall COLD Expand

Overall COLD

Pet Fashion PF PF

Overall is designed for walks in frosty weather. Strong fabric does not get wet and perfectly protects your pet from rain, snow and frosty wind.

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Material: 100% Polyester
Season: Winter
Collection: PF Active

Availability: Available

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  • такса S
  • такса S2
  • такса M
  • XS
  • S
  • SM
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439 грн

Size guide

Dogs clothes

Dogs clothes sizes
Body length “А”

Make sure that your dog is standing straight. Measure the body length from the neck to the tail. If the body length is beatween the sizes it is better to choose bigger one.

Chest volume “В”

Measure the widest part of your pet’s chest. Please note that clothes model can be slim or loose according to design, fabric or your own taste.

Size"А" Body length (cm)"B" Chest volume (cm)Height (cm)Recommended breeds
RAIN/COLD XS 24,5 28-32 18 Yorkshire terrier, Toy terrier, Chihuahua
RAIN/COLD S 28 37-44 17,5 Chihuahua Miniature pinscher, Griffon Bruxellois, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier
RAIN/COLD SM 28 44-52 24 Miniature pinscher
RAIN/COLD M2 33 58-68 24 Pug
RAIN/COLD ML 34 44-55 25 Jack Russell Terrier
RAIN/COLD M 35 41-48 28 Yorkshire terrier, Pug, Chinese Crested, Bichon Frise
RAIN/COLD L 38 47-56 31 Chinese Crested
RAIN/COLD XS такса 34,5 43-53 18 Dachshund
RAIN/COLD S такса 39 45-55 19 Dachshund
RAIN/COLD S2 такса 39 48-62 23 Dachshund, Pekingese
RAIN/COLD M такса 44 47-57 25 Dachshund
RAIN/COLD XL 40,5 55-65 31 English Cocker Spaniel, Poodle
RAIN/COLD 2XL 45 60-74 41 Samoyed
RAIN/COLD 3XL 48 68-82 48 big Samoyed, Staffordshire Terrier
RAIN/COLD 4XL 50 72-90 52 Staffordshire Terrier, Husky
RAIN/COLD 5XL 56 78-96 55 Boxer, Husky
RAIN/COLD 6XL 62 82-100 56 Sheep-dog, Rottweiler, Doberman, Malamute
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Helps to keep warm ultra-light modern silicone filler. Velcro belt ensures that the jumpsuit will fit tightly to the body, so it will be warm and cozy.

In the darkn the pet was clearly visible, the overall are supplemented with reflective elements: a ribbon on the belt and an application on the chest.

Raincoat COLD


  • Silicone insulation keeps warm even in hard frostSilicone insulation keeps warm even in hard frost
  • 100% moisture and wet snow protection100% moisture and wet snow protection
  • Reflective stripe and appliqué help to keep your pet safe during walks at dark timeReflective stripe and appliqué help to keep your pet safe during walks at dark time
  • Velcro belt for perfect fitVelcro belt for perfect fit
  • Strap that prevents your dog’s fur from getting into the fastenerStrap that prevents your dog’s fur from getting into the fastener

Washing instructions

To protect the reflective stripe and waterproof coating wash inside out on a delicate cycle.

Washing instructions