• Vest MARS Vest MARS
    Vest MARS
    XS XS2 S

    Stylish vest will warm your pet in autumn weather and winter frosts.

    388 грн
  • Jaket SIRIUS Jaket SIRIUS
    Jaket SIRIUS
    XS2 S M

    This stylish model will be actual for everyday walking or for a special occasion

    545 грн
  • Vest «Charlie» Vest «Charlie»
    Vest CHARLIE
    XS XS2 S M

    Original attractive design! The best clothes for four-legged fashionistas. The back and the hood are made of a thick raincoat fabric, and the part that covers the breast is made of a soft suit fabric. There is a hole for the leash in the base of the hood.

    427 грн
  • Suit «Lola» Suit «Lola»
    Suit LOLA
    XS XS2 M

    Perfect model for winter walks. A warm, cozy pink suit will be great clothes for four-legged «girls». The raincoat fabric will protect from moisture and the warm fluffy lining — from cold. The hood is decorated with faux fur and a pompom.

    641 грн
  • Suit «Judy» Suit «Judy»
    Suit JUDY
    XXS XS XS2 S S2 M L

    Warm and comfortable clothes for winter walks. The raincoat fabric is water-proof and the inside part made of lined fur is soft and warm. The hood is decorated with faux fur and little ears, there is a hole for leash in the base of the hood. There is reflective print “mittens” on the back of the jacket.

    669 грн
  • Overall «Citrus» Overall «Citrus»
    Overall CITRUS
    XS S M

    In such clothes a pet will feel warm and comfortable in winter. The overall is made of raincoat fabric, it is warm because of silicone and fluffy knitted lining. At the waist level elastics are inserted for a better fit to the body. Unique cut.

    539 грн
  • Sweater BRUCE
    Sweater BRUCE

    Your kitten will be delighted with such comfortable clothes. The knitted fabric the model is made of is fluffy and warm. It is convenient to wear the sweater thanks to the hinges that secure it to the hind legs and prevent it from slipping. The back of the model is decorated with a shiny decorative print. Without clasp.

    149 грн
  • Vest MIX
    Vest MIX
    XS XS2

    A bright, stylish vest will warm your pet in the severe autumn weather and winter frosts. Double-sided model — it can be worn on a multicolored or plain side out. The convenient button clasp makes the process of dressing a pet simple and fast. A high collar covers the neck and the part of the head.

    366 грн

During cold season dressing pets, especially of small breeds, it is not a whim and aspiration to decorate, it is a vital need. In wildlife, there are no dressed wild dogs. Their wool is supposed to keep them warm. Of course, it is true, but more likely in natural for the breed conditions and climate. Since many domestic dogs are in countries that are far from their natural habitat, they are not so comfortable when it is cold.

It is easy to understand when your four-legged friend needs clothes. Their behavior outside changes, they become shivering as they leave the house. It is not a good idea to continue your walk with undressed pets since it’s extremely dangerous for their health.

What makes winter dogs’ clothes Trends different?

How to dress your dog in winter? Winter clothes for dogs Trends is developed not only to protect your pet from cold, but it is also different from an essential wardrobe, since:

  • It can be worn during winter holidays (New Year, Christmas)
  • It can be put on for an open-air thematic winter party
  • It is perfect for competition, fair, exhibition that it held outside during the cold season.
  • It is good to wear to follow the parent’s style (pet of artists, media personalities, eccentric, creative individuals).

Owner’s inner peace extension

If the owner’s inner peace or lifestyle is different from ordinary people, it is logical to assume that their pet is also unusual, including its appearance. So, winter clothes collection is more than a basic one reflecting fashion trends slightly exaggerating them. Fabrics and their combinations, accessories, jewelry, color scheme, print, and pattern allow the pet not to be unseen.

Clothes for various events and photo-shootings Trends are more close to festival clothes, and it is not designed for everyday use. At the same time, trendy winter jumpsuits can be worn every day, since by design they are not different from basic. They only have highlighted features of an individual style.

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