About the company Pet Fashion

Aim and mission

Establishing a clothing production facility in 2007, we aimed at providing you and your pets with comfort and even more pleasure from communication. While creating every model we cared for your style. We still follow these principles, thus enjoying the trust of the four-legged friends’ owners. That has enabled us to become the biggest Ukrainian manufacturer of pet clothes.

Our mission is to meet the needs of dogs and cats, as well as provide you more satisfaction from communication with them. PetFashion clothing collection is the guarantee that your pet will be dressed comfortably and in the latest fashion.

Pet Fashion
Pet Fashion

Who we are

PetFashion brand stands for stylish, nice and comfortable clothes for four-legged friends, pet carriers, beds and trendy accessories. Over the period of its operations, our textile production facility has expanded from 100 m2 to 1700m2. Today our workforce is some 100 highly qualified employees, who daily work on the brand products development and improvement. They introduce and implement innovative technologies.

We have been studying pet anatomic features, developing unique model styles, selecting high-quality accessories. In the production we use only quality fabrics that meet all requirements.

Our production involves advanced textile treatment, computer embroidery, applications and prints. Many processes have been automated.

Our advantages

  • We have over 10 years of experience to create clothes for pets, and we keep improving our production.
  • We consider anatomic features of different dog breeds.
  • We offer a wide range of clothes of various sizes for every season.
  • We continuously improve products quality, following the pet owners’ preferences.
  • In production, we use up-to-date equipment and innovative technologies, in particular computer embroidery, application etc.
  • We consider the latest fashion trends in creating new fashion collections.
  • We annually participate in Ukrainian and international exhibitions and are rewarded with positive feedback from domestic and European consumers.