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Here we have collected PetFashion catalogs to make it more convenient for you to see our products, discover the latest fashion trends and choose the clothes for your pets.

We offer an exclusive collection of clothes for every season, from warm winter overalls and vests to summer shirts and fancy dresses. Cute accessories will complete your pet's stylish look. PetFashion catalogs also offer sun loungers, lodges and carrying bags for every taste. Each product is accompanied by a detailed description and a list of available sizes.

You can browse the catalogs online or download them and study in detail at your convenient time.

Catalog Autumn - Winter 2020/2021

The inspiration for the creation collection 2020 was Space.

Our planet is a small part of a huge Universe, the mysteries of which people are trying to solve more than one millennium. In recent years, new technologies have opened the veil of mystery. Space becomes much closer every year. The discussed event of the year was the Ilon Mask's "Crue Dragon" spaceship . And, maybe in the near future we will be able to go on a trip to the Moon or Mars.

The theme of Space has passed through the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collection 2020.


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Catalog Summer 2020

Space is a magical and mysterious area that attracts us its mystique and beauty. So Universe was exactly that inspired us to create a summer collection of clothing for four-legged fashionistas. However, our Earth is also a part of space, and we feel very comfortable here. Models of summer collection combine space design and color combinations with earthy convenience, practicality and comfort.

We did so your pet look like a star in this outfit and feel comfortable and confident. Choose an outfit for your four-legged friend to taste!

Catalog Spring 2020

Ideas and dreams are the heart of any fashion collection. In 2020 we were inspired by space exploration. Our planet is a small part of the vast Universe, which mysteries humanity have been trying to solve for thousands of years. Recently, new technologies allowed us to reveal a part of secrets.

The Lake on Mars was the latest sensational discovery. After that, a number of disputes arose: is that life still there? For now, this secret is unresolved but it is so exciting to get closer to solving it and to dream about traveling in space.

A space theme is recognized in every model of the spring 2020 collection. Prints of planets and stars, sparkles and an unusual futuristic design help space scene creating.

Asymmetry, unusual solutions, such as a transparent PVC fabric hood, a cowl-neckline or wing sleeves are in style this season.

The color scheme of the spring 2020 collection presents all shades of sky and clouds: blue, turquoise, lilac, gray. These colors are used for the most part of the models.

We made space a little closer. Be assured that your pet wearing our space clothes will be the brightest, most amazing and memorable star in the entire Universe.

Catalog Autumn - Winter 2019/2020

Winter is a great time for walks and photo sessions with your pets, it’s also an occasion to boast the fashionable outfit. The clothes for dogs are designed in the season's most important color trends, they have their own zest, and their cut includes memorable details.

Mind that for some breeds – Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese Lapdog, Chinese Crested dog and others – clothes are a must in a cold season!

Catalog Summer 2019

This is more than just clothing – this is the way to express your pet’s individuality, emphasize its charisma and charm. Colours and pictures are bright and attractive. Fabrics are natural and smooth to the touch. Each available product will make your four-legged friend look stylish and impeccable.