Exchange and Return

Rules for returning goods at the online store:

Dear Customers, you can refuse the delivered item if it does not match the item number you ordered, does not match the description, or is damaged. The item may also be returned to the courier immediately upon delivery.

Be sure to check the item immediately at Nova Poshta office and if defects in the item or the original packaging are found, the buyer must draw up a Goods Acceptance Certificate with a Nova Poshta employee, specifying the name of the item, the defects found and the type of damage, and take a photo of the item. Send the Goods Acceptance Certificate and a photo to the online store's email address and return the item.

A mandatory condition for returning or replacing the items is that they are free from damage, signs of use, availability of original packaging, accompanying documents and a sales receipt.

All actions relating to return of goods take place in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

General Information

The warranty period is the period during which the buyer guarantees compliance with the rules of use of the goods and the manufacturer accordingly fulfils the warranty obligations in respect of the goods.

Warranty period

What should I do if the purchased items do not satisfy the buyer in terms of shape, dimensions, style, colour, size or for other reasons cannot be used for their intended purpose?

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, a consumer has the right to return or exchange goods of proper quality within fourteen days, excluding the day of purchase, if the goods did not satisfy him/her in terms of form, dimensions, style, colour, size or for other reasons cannot be used for their intended purpose, subject to the following conditions:

  • the completeness of the goods has been preserved,
  • the integrity of the packaging has been preserved,
  • the manufacturer's labels and tags have been preserved,
  • the goods are new and have not been used.

If the goods meet all the conditions for return, the buyer has the right to apply to the chain store where the purchase was made by presenting a document confirming the buyer's identity, the goods, a cash voucher and declare his/her wish to replace the goods.

What do the store employees do regarding the exchange of items of poor quality?

Store employees will inspect the item on site and if it is really inoperable or has factory defects, exchange it for an item of the same brand (model, item number, modification) of the appropriate quality.

If similar item is not available, the buyer may, if desired, return the purchased item and purchase another one that suits him/her in terms of specifications and price.

If the item selected by the buyer for exchange is more expensive than the returned item, the buyer must pay the difference in price. If the item is cheaper, the difference in price is returned by the store. If the buyer does not agree to the exchange of item, the store will refund the money that was received for the item.

What should I do if store employees are unable to find the cause of the item fault by themselves?

If the employees of the store are unable to find the cause of the item fault by themselves, the item will be sent to the supplier for examination. During the period of item examination the buyer receives a letter of guarantee from the store, which states:

  • item name;
  • complaint about its faultiness;
  • date when the item was returned to the store;
  • opinion on the need to conduct an examination.

If the examination confirms that the item has come into disrepair through the fault of the supplier company or if there is a factory defect, the buyer has the right to exchange or return the item or the funds spent on its purchase according to the aforementioned conditions.

What do I need to do to get a refund?

Firstly, submit a written application at the place of purchase, stating the buyer's requirements and the reasons for returning the goods.

In addition to the reason, the following information must be included in the application:

  1. details of the identity document of the buyer who returns the goods (passport series and number, date and place of issue);
  2. goods data (name, factory (serial) number, item number, date of sale, price of goods at the time of sale);
  3. amount of funds issued for the returned goods.

Refunds are made according to the work schedule of the pick-up point and only subject to the availability of a settlement document and an identity document of the buyer.